Grow strong, build muscle and get in shape with barbell training

Hi! I'm Lukas and I've been coaching for over ten years in my private gym in Hamburg and Online.


I'm not promising a sixpack in six weeks but lasting success by focusing on what actually matters in training.


I will show you the most effective technique for your individual anatomy.


I will tailor an individualized workout routine that delivers guaranteed results and hits all muscle groups.


I will help you to find the golden mean between overconfidence and unsecurity and advise you on how to correctly interpret the signals your body is sending you.



Smadar, Professor of Neuroscience

»Status pre-training: a major couch-potato, moving fast near mirrors. 

Status post-training: can pickup really heavy stuff, much healthier and happier with my own physic, using sports to lift up my mood on a regular basis :). 

My name is Smadar, I am 39 years old, mom of 5-year-old twins, a former physiotherapist, and currently a neuroscientist.

I started training with Lukas 1 year and 6 months ago. I train between 1-2 times per week.

My introduction into training was quite random. Talking to another mom over coffee and whining over what happens to your body after pregnancy and birth…then she suggested to arrange a personal trainer and start doing something with ourselves.

We went to Lukas and trained together for 10 months. After that peroid I continued individually.

 The beginning was fairly relaxed. Lukas was super-smart not to scare us off with barbells right at the beginning and slowly but surely, we were shaking off the dust from our joints and muscles. 

I find Lukas to be a really extraordinary coach. Training is not what you think it is. It is not ‘let’s kick ass’ kind of thing but rather let’s steadily and surely progress. In this way, it’s not only a short-leaved whim (like most of the stuff I have done thus far) but rather a meaningful and fundamental change in your lifestyle. The great thing about it was that it happened gradually, so there was no frustration involved, rather the other way around, success and satisfaction.

The vast knowledge and expertise Lukas has, makes it possible to create an effective, individualized training that covers all the relevant aspects, from basic training routine to the mental aspects of training, pain and fear management and of course nutrition. This, combined with his sensitivity and understanding of the clients’ persona is to my view a rare combination which makes him the amazing coach he is. So, if you are looking for an extremely professional coach and an empowering experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Lukas as a trainer.«

Testimonial Chris

Chris, Lawyer

»Lukas is a great strength coach, and I would highly recommend training with him.  His knowledge of technique, body mechanics, and nutrition is excellent, and his coaching style will help you learn how to train safely and efficiently.  His private gym also means that you can get the most out of your training time together, and his workout plans allows you to maximize your own time spent at the gym.  He's also a really nice person, and will make you feel at ease with training, no matter what your level of experience.  Highly recommended for both beginners and those looking to improve their strength and abilities in the gym!«

Testimonial Eren

Eren, Scientist

»I have been doing online coaching with Lukas for a year now. I was already training (powerlifting-style) seriously for two years when we started by was very frustrated because of consistent lower back pain due to a herniated disk. He helped me overcome this injury. Now I am pain free and will attend my first powerlifting meet in a few weeks. During my first year with Lukas' online coaching (as well as 3 one-to-one sessions), I increased my bench press from 145 to ~160 kg, and added >20 kgs on my squat and deadlift. He helped me fix my form on all of the lifts. I have better conditioning, more strength & muscle mass, and less fat than ever. So I strongly recommend Lukas for anyone who wants to get strong and improve their technique. My only reservation is that you need to be self-motivated to derive value from his coaching, do the program, and be proactive with asking questions or for feedback. If you need someone to show you the stick all the time, Lukas is probably not your guy. But if you are motivated and willing to put the hard work (his programs are hard!), you will derive great benefit.«

Testimonial Gabriel

Gabriel, Data Analyst

»Like most casual gym goers, I initially contacted Lukas because I had a New Year's resolution to learn powerlifting (cliché, I know). We met in the 1st week of January. By the end of April, I competed in my first powerlifting meet. His obvious competency and knowledge, passion for powerlifting, and years of experience aside, there're 3 things in particular that I really appreciate about him as my strength coach: 

i) His patience and attention to detail are astounding. From coaching me on the tiniest technical aspects of the 3 lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) to accompanying me in warming up for my meet, he leaves no stone unturned.

ii) He exudes the perfect balance of encouragement and pragmatism. He has pushed me to improve beyond my own expectations. At the same time, the training programme that he designed for me was very realistic and sustainable. 

iii) Last but not least, Lukas is a kind, funny, humble, and wonderful human being. I always enjoyed our training sessions, and I think half the fun of it simply comes from the fact that he's such an enjoyable person to work with.«

Single Session

✔ Individualized 1 to 1 Coaching

✔ Goalsetting and Progress Evaluation

✔ Training in Private Gym
✔ Routine Programming
✔ Nutrition Guidance


95 EUR

5 Sessions Pack

✔ Individualized 1 to 1 Coaching

✔ Goalsetting and Progress Evaluation

✔ Training in Private Gym
✔ Routine Programming
✔ Nutrition Guidance


420 EUR

10 Sessions Pack

✔ Individualized 1 to 1 Coaching

✔ Goalsetting and Progress Evaluation

✔ Training in Private Gym
✔ Routine Programming
✔ Nutrition Guidance


800 EUR


When you get coaching for any of the Barbell Movements I guarantee you that you will be able to do it correctly within the very first session. If not, you will get your money back, no questions asked.